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12 Common Traits of Negative People You NEED to Avoid!

Remaining positive in a tough situation can be difficult, but the outlook you choose to have can affect every aspect of your life. Positive and negative people have very different attitudes, thoughts and ways of dealing with their circumstances. To keep negative energy out of your life, be on the lookout for these common traits of negative people:

1. Negative People are Afraid of Change

Negative people tend to fear change. Even if they aren't happy with their current circumstances, instead of thinking "things could get better," they believe that change is always for the worst. A positive person welcomes change and is always open to new experiences.

2. Negative People Aren't Grateful

Negative people are so focused on the negative that they are blinded to the positive things that surround them. They don't show gratitude toward their friends or family members, and they take their blessings — things like their job, home and health — for granted. Positive people recognize their blessings and show gratitude for what they have.gratitude

3. Negative People Don't Care About Others

Negative people aren't concerned with hurting anyone's feelings. They are too focused on themselves to worry about someone else, even the people that care about them. If the conversation isn't focused on them, there's no interest. A positive person is always open to making new friends, and they enjoy making others happy.

4. Negative People Blame Others for Their Mistakes

A negative person doesn't like to admit when they're wrong. Even when it's clear that they've made a mistake, a negative person will blame others for something that is really their fault. A positive person takes responsibility for mistakes and failures.blame

5. Negative People Believe the World Revolves Around Them

A negative person believes that the world owes them something. They think that if they're having a bad day, everyone else should cater to them. They let their negative feelings and poor attitude drive them on a daily basis. A positive person is able to put the needs of others before his or her own.

6. Negative People Don't Apologize

"I'm sorry" is a phrase that negative people dread. They see apologizing as a weakness. It means admitting that they were wrong. While a positive person is quick to apologize for hurting others, a negative person will do almost anything to avoid an apology. A positive person is able to admit when they're wrong and apologize sincerely.fight

7. Negative People Focus on Personal Gain

Negative people are willing to step on everyone around them if it boosts their success. They are concerned with their own personal gain and will do anything that benefits them, despite who it hurts in the process. A positive person would never put someone else down in order to get ahead.

8. Negative People Hope to See Others Fail

Negative people don't root for anyone around them, even if it's a family member or a friend. When someone else experiences success, a negative person becomes jealous and bitter. A positive person is sincerely happy to see others succeed.scheming

9. Negative People Can't Accept Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism can be hard to take, but it's often necessary in order to learn and grow. A negative person hates to be criticized. Even if someone is trying to help them, they become closed off and they see criticism as a threat. A positive person welcomes constructive criticism, seeing it as a learning opportunity.

10. Negative People Think They Know Everything

A negative person sees learning something new as a sign of weakness. They like to act like they are already an expert in every subject, instead of taking the time to truly expand their knowledge. A positive person always strives to learn something new.know it all

11. Negative People Aren't Compassionate

A negative person will never be a shoulder to cry on. If friends or family members ask for help, a negative person won't be able to cheer them up. They'll likely point out even more negatives in a situation. A positive person is able and willing to cheer someone up when they're feeling down.

12. Negative People Aren't Willing to Work for Change

Negative people aren't happy with their situation, but they also aren't willing to work to change anything. A positive person knows they have to work for what they want, while a negative person would rather sit around and mope than put in any effort. A positive person sets goals and works hard to achieve them.rude Sources: Brightside David Wolfe David Wolfe Lifehack Psychology Today