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11 Signs You're The Black Sheep Of Your Family

A person's family is what brings them their initial sense of belonging in life. But for some people, that begins to change with age. Indeed, many of us find ourselves developing values and morals that differ drastically from those of our families. Eventually, we find ourselves in an ironic place where we still love our families but aren't quite sure how we fit in. Does that sound familiar? If it does, you might just be the black sheep of your family.

Check out these other 11 symptoms of "black sheepiness" you might also relate to!

1. You're labelled as stubborn and uncontrollable.

shutterstock_91166771 For some people, family values and morals are a sort of ultimate authority that continues to define their decisions long after they've moved out of the family home. If you're a black sheep, you aren't one of those people. No amount of emotional pleading from your family members can shift your goals. You are your own person and that person is different.

2. You've felt like you were born into the wrong family.

As a black sheep, when you're with your family, things just feel... weird. Maybe you didn't realize that until you began hanging out with your in-laws, at which point you realized what belonging actually feels like. Or maybe the thought has occurred to you that you were born into your particular family as part of some karmic lesson.

3. Your family members warn you not to embarrass them at outings.

shutterstock_157029884 "Seriously, Janet. I'm not kidding."
Before every family reunion, does your mom or dad pull you aside and beg you to 'keep it together?' Do you know exactlywhat they're talking about? Black sheep you are.

4. Your family has no idea where you get your behavior from.

Personality quirks tend to get passed down from generation to generation. Maybe your brother has grandpa's wit while your sister's creativity clearly comes from mom. But some people seem to possess a character that is totally unlike anything ever seen before on the family tree. Sound like you? Say hello to your new family – the family of the black sheep.

5. Your career path confuses your family.

"I don't care how good your band is, Marissa. You're going to Harvard."
Studies have shown that children tend to make career choices based on what jobs their siblings and parents have. But if you're a black sheep, your career choice probably seems like it came straight out of left field. It's not like you necessarily chose a drastically different career path intentionally – your interests just differ by an incredible amount.

6. Your religious beliefs are radically different from your family's.

Religion is another thing that tends to be passed down from generation to generation. But by a black sheep's nature, they set out to find truth that differs from what they know. As a result, their religious (or non-religious) views tend to differ quite a bit from the family's.

7. Your romantic interests raise eyebrows at the dinner table.

shutterstock_350470745 If you're a black sheep, bringing a date home to meet the family can be quite a brutal affair. From quick glances your mother throws at your father to the suspiciously quiet nature of your sibling, it's clear your family members just don't get the people you really relate to.

8. You have to mentally force yourself to develop a filter before family gatherings.

We all have little behaviors that we'd never want our family members to know about. When you're a black sheep, pretty much all of your behavior fits into that category.

9. You find yourself at the center of every argument.

"And as for YOU, mister..." "And as for YOU, mister..."
Even when the initial spark had nothing to do with you, as a black sheep, you know that as the conversation gets more heated some family member is going to bring up something you did or said some time ago.

10. You get the sense that you're the cautionary tale in your family.

Have you ever been playing with your cousin or nephew at a family gathering, only to have their mother conspicuously call him or her away from you? You just might be the black sheep, the subject of many a "careful, or you'll wind up like ___ " talk.

11. No matter how hard you try, your family never seems to fully accept you.

shutterstock_194030561 Eventually, you came to the realization that you're just different. There's no way around it; as much as your biological family might love you, they'll fully understand you. The good news is that, in a world with 7 billion people, you're bound to find a few that will. So don't get too down about being the black sheep of your family – get out there and meet new people!

So, are you the black sheep in your family? Check out this video from David's Facebook page to learn about a cool invention that could help you disappear at outdoor family gatherings! Sources: How Stuff Works The Daily Mail Time Magazine