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120 (900 mg) vegan capsules. 

What is Relasma?

Cerebroptim® Relasma is a nootropic [no-o-tropic]: a cognitive energizer and mental enhancer. This product is designed to provide a lasting effect on the GABA brain system. Cerebroptim® Relasma boosts: healthy mental productivity, speed of neuronal connections and healthy blood flow to the brain. 

Optimizes and builds a healthy GABA brain system. Cerebroptim Relasma is a cognition relaxer, which builds a healthy GABA brain system. Relasma builds your brain while you sleep. It will restore, slow down and support your long-term brain function. 

How to Take Relasma

Relasma is to be taken daily. Adults take 4-6 capsules per day; children take 2-4 capsules per day. Relasma is best taken with water or fruit on an empty stomach. 

You will observe results from Cerebroptim® Relasma once you have consumed a full bottle. 3-4 bottles per year are enough to achieve long-term benefits from Cerebroptim® Relasma. 

Children and adults can take Relasma along with Cerebroptim's Namur and Niox. 

Our Recommendations

Take Relasma in the afternoon or evening—ideally after 4 PM [16:00]. The 4-6 capsules are to be taken daily. The effects from taking Cerebroptim Relasma will be experienced after consuming a full bottle. We recommend consuming 3-4 bottles per year solely, or in combination with Cerebroptim Niox and Cerebroptim Namur. It is better to consume Namur and Niox in the morning (AM), and Relasma in the afternoon or evening PM.


Relasma specific benefits are: 

  • Improves long-term memory 
  • Improves memorization of new experiences 
  • Improves storage, retention and recollection of memories
  • Improves speech function
  • Speeds up language learning capacity 
  • Improves learning and memorizing performance
  • Assists with the assimilation of large amounts of new information 
  • Improves sleep during times of high stress
  • Improves relaxation during times of high stress
  • Healthy brain rejuvenation 
  • Improves healthy blood flow to the brain
  • Whole body relaxation 
  • Improves feelings of wellbeing, completion, and happiness 
  • Helps decrease sadness, irritability, and negative thought
  • Improves emotional wellness
  • Improves healthy body motor function 
  • Increases a sense of consciousness and awareness 
  • Increases a sense of stability and presence 
  • Supports healthy intellectual activity

Most nootropics available are short term stimulants that do not create lasting results. Cerebroptim is different as this product is designed for long-lasting results.


Serving Size: 4 Vegan Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

Vitamin B612 mg

Glycine1200 mg

Gamma Butyric Acid900 mg

Beta Alanine300 mg

Leucine300 mg

Lysine300 mg

Taurine300 mg

Cerebroptim Nootropics and Brain Health

Cerebroptim® Nootropics: Niox, Relasma and Namur are cognition enhancers, which build a healthy brain long term. Cerebroptim® products are believed to improve neuronal plasticity, memory, integrative brain functioning, attention, speech, emotional reactions and behaviour. Optimizes and builds healthy nitric oxide brain levels.

Note: The FDA has not evaluated the statements above. This product is not supposed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.