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Elaina Speaks On How Her Course Is Different Than Any Other Course?


About Real Gourmet Dishes: "The recipes that I teach you are abundant with wholesome, living, organic ingredients such as: fruits, vegetables, activated nuts and seeds. And, a wide array of food patry items such as: cold pressed oils, condiments, seasonings, low-glycemic sweeteners, and some of the most nutritious “superfoods” available from the planet."


About Sugar-Free Foods: "I will also teach you how to make low-glycemic or “sugar-free” foods, using stevia and xylitol. These alternative sweeteners are safe for consumption by people healing from health challenges such as candida, diabetes, AIDS, and cancer."


Raw Chef Certification Logistics: "I recommend to you that - when taking this course - you learn in numbered lesson order. Often, lessons will make more sense if you go in order. However, if you would rather skip around, that is perfectly fine! Just be sure to watch the videos about equipment, ingredients, knife skills, and sprouting, FIRST. These videos are the foundation of this Level 1 Course."


Included in the cost of Elaina Love's Raw Chef Certification Raw Chef Certification: a downloadable manual with handouts, recipes, and other resource information, quizzes, and certificate of completion.


More About Elaina:


Love Elaina began teaching raw food courses in 1998. She is considered by many to be a pioneer of gourmet raw foods. She has created some of the recipes and has invented some of the everyday products which are used by professional chefs making raw foods. She has worked hard to publish 3 recipe books, and after 12 years of teaching, she co-founded Pure Joy Culinary Academy (2010). Since Pure Joy Culinary Academy opened, she have thoughtfully certified hundreds of students around the world. These proud graduates now know how to be a raw food chef, and can instruct others, with an emphasis on Holistic Nutrition. This Level 1 Course comes with a no-risk 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! Our Admissions Office is open Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm (MST) Call Us In Calgary Canada, Toll-Free At 1 (888) 787-8886. E-Mail:


How can Chef Elaina Love positively help you? "I know I have told you but... training as a raw chef was just the most amazing month for me. It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I just love the way you teach with love, passion and patience. I always felt you were there for every single of us." Henriette (Denmark) "You are an amazing teacher! That’s a direct quote from my husband, who taught High School English to the gifted classes. Some of whom still write him, send him pictures of children, etc." Dr. Martha Grout, M.D., Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine "I got to participate in a Pure Joy Culinary Academy Level 1 Course. I highly recommend anybody wanting to learn this life changing lifestyle take one of these courses if possible. Got someone in your life that needs help? Learn this approach and make a positive difference. I had a great time and am very happy with the amount of information I learned and the amount of new recipes I am now familiar with." Sonny Lopez, LA Hitmen


Who is benefiting from learning about daily plant-based nutrition? ~ Families who are upgrading their nutrition and health ~ Health professionals from all fields of health and wellness ~ Nutritionists ~ Naturopaths ~ Chiropractors ~ Massage Therapists ~ Supplement Store Owners & Staff ~ Personal Trainers ~ Medical Doctors ~ Reiki Masters ~ Yoga Teachers & Trainers ~ Retreat Organizers & Operators ~ Cleansing Experts ~ Speakers & Motivational Teachers ~ And so many more!!  


Online Video Learning In Hi-Definition Level 1 Course Online Raw Chef Certification... Now Online Exclusively At BodyMind Institute! People from all walks of life can instantly benefit from this unique video cheffing e-course! Positively UPgrade your personal nutrition and lifestyle! Join other BodyMind Institute student-learners in 89 countries!


What Will You Learn In Elaina's Raw Chef Certification Course? Here Are 40 "Recipes That Work!" & Skills Which You Will Learn & Practice In Raw Chef Certification: DEMOS: Knife skills Soaking and Sprouting Nuts and Seeds DIPS AND SPREADS: Mock Salmon and Sunflower Onion Dip Sushi Rolling Rice Paper Spring Rolls LIQUIDS: Juices and Juicers Nut Milks Super Food Smoothies Green Soups SALADS AND DRESSINGS: Salad Dressings Marinated Kale Salad Curried Carrot Salad Seaweed Salad BREAKFASTS: Fresh Apple Granola Buckwheat Crunchies CULTURED FOODS: Opening Thai Young Coconuts Coconut Kefir AND Coconut Yogurt Cheese Making Sauerkraut CONDIMENTS: Mustard Mayo Ketchup MAIN COURSES: Burgers Lasagna (Includes Marinara Sauce and Quick Ricotta Cheeze) BREADS AND CRACKERS: Spouted Buckwheat Bagels Gluten Free Almond Flat Bread Basic Flax Crackers PASTAS AND TOPPINGS: Neat Balls Zucchini Pasta Noodles Pesto Sauce Alfredo Sauce AND Mac N Cheeze Sauce Assembling Plate of Pastas with Neatballs and Sauces DESSERTS: Basic Cheesecake Bavarian Crème Custard Chocolate Pudding Parfaits Chocolate Clusters Spirulina Fudge


This Course Is Very Affordable!


  • This Course Is More Affordable Than Traditional Offline Cheffing School!

  • And, BodyMind Institute Proudly Offers Helpful Monthly Payment Plans!

  • Learn At A Comfortable Pace & Review Lessons As Often As Needed!


  THERE ARE MANY REAL BENEFITS & BONUSES OF Enrolling in Elaina's Love's New Online Raw Chef Certification


"Truly inspiring." Testimonial from Carrie Leigh


  • Full year unlimited access to HD streamed video lessons with Elaina Love and special guests

  • Learn & Take Quizzes! Enjoy fun and challenging quizzes to monitor your knowledge growth

  • Downloadable handouts, transcripts and Q&A's for you to keep as reference

  • Bonus videos lessons from my secret oasis in Hawaii, plus my personal Raw Nutrition coaching guide

  • Final exam consisting of multiple choice; may be taken twice and is open book

  • Live Support from BodyMind Institute 1 888 787 8886 or

  • Private student social group to network, hook up with study buddies, share recipes and more...


IMPORTANT NOTICE For Those Wishing To Become a CERTIFIED Raw Food Chef: Did you know that course completion and course certification are two different processes, offered by Chef Elaina Love and Pure Joy Culinary Academy? BodyMind Institute supports you as you decide which Level 1 Course scenario works best for you: Scenario A: Course Completion You want to complete the Level 1 raw food cheffing course, but do not need to gain a PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION. Total Course Completion Cost is $877 CAD ($767 USD). In this scenario, you complete all lessons, practice, and quizzes; and, will successfully complete the Final Exam. This means that you would gain your personal CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. Scenario B: Professional Certification You want to take an official Pure Joy Culinary Academy career test—to become professionally certified as a raw food chef at Level 1. Total Professional Certification Cost is $877 CAD $200 (USD) certification program testing. In this scenario, you complete all lessons, practice, and quizzes; and, will successfully complete the Final Exam. This means that you will gain your Level 1 raw food chef PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION. To become professionally-certified, Elaina Love will personally “check your work”. Only by your completion of the following process, can you apply to become professionally certified…


PROCESS FOR PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: 1) It is important that you take at least one (1) digital photo of each of your offline practice recipes--as is required by this course. If you do NOT remember to take a photo of each of your recipes as you first create them, then you will need to do so—one (1) photo for each recipe—before Elaina Love can professionally certify you. 2) It is also important—for each recipe you practice, as required by Level 1 Course—that you write a paragraph--between 7-10 sentences—to describe your experience, your observations, and any questions that you have.


FOR BOTH SCENARIOS A) AND B)… It is NOT necessary for you to purchase the $200 professional certification, in order for you to successfully learn and complete Level 1 Course! However, once you complete the regular Level 1 Course lessons, quizzes, and final exam--after successful course completion--you will be sent a special E-Mail containing a link for you to apply for Elaina Love to check your images and essays work, so that you can achieve your professional certification. The cost for this professional certification process is $200. Chef Elaina Love personally goes-over each of your recipe images and process essays. If you do not want to become certified, simply do not respond to the invitation E-Mail. This Video E-Course With Master Chef Elaina Love Is Available To You Online 24/7. And, for any questions, Chef Elaina Love and BodyMind Institute are here to answer any questions you may have!


About BodyMind


  • Our Mission Is To Connect You With Holistic Personal Development & Career Growth!

  • Our Intention Is That You’ll Try Out Our Video E-Courses & Truly Enjoy Your Experience!

  • Our Faculty Members Are Bright & Intriguing!

  • Our Video Lessons Catalog Is Creative & Growing!

  • Our Institute Helps You Learn More, More Quickly Than Before!


Enjoy One Year Unlimited Online Access!

  • All of Elaina's videos are in high-definition video and audio formats.

  • Please read our details and instructions for Level 1 Course Raw Chef Certification.

  • Terms & Conditions for Certification do apply.

  • Regular Price $877.00 CAD or $768.00 USD

  • 30 days 100% money back guarantee


ACT NOW AND GET THESE BONUSES (ACCESS DELIVERED BY E-MAIL): If you buy Elaina Love's Level 1 Course, we will provide you with these bonuses for FREE... PLUS, the cost of your course includes course and bonus access for 1 full year.


Receive a Certificate of Completion All of the courses in the BodyMind Institute are designed as certificate courses.  In this highly interactive online learning environment, you will be provided with fun quizzes to you review this information instantly, and when you are done ... you will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion!


Introduction to Nutrition video e-course with David Wolfe You are about to gain access to the ultimate series of video classes and lectures in this epic introduction to nutrition by World Leading Nutrition Expert David Wolfe.


Get Access To The Priceless BodyMind Institute Library We want to gift you with high-level education and lectures from world thoughts leaders in fields of education, health, and consciousness. Sign-up, and you'll gain instant library log-in access, and you can enjoy unlimited viewing, learning, and personal growth opportunities. Our library entrance is found at your BodyMind Institute Student Portal.


BodyMind Institute "Edu-tainment" Media Receive this powerful, ongoing, fun and exciting education series of videos, lessons, articles. Enjoy our unique and coloring learning material, by browsing our fine "Edu-tainment" offerings.


Live Support Toll Free at 1 (888) 787-8886 We're ready to support you and are ready to hear from you. You can leave a message, or call during open hours. We invite you to give use your questions and comments about our video courses.


Our Mission: Your 100% Satisfaction We are live Monday - Friday 9-5pm MST 1 888 787 8886 or  


GET READY, GET SET, & GROW! Enjoy Chef Elaina Love's Level 1 Course and the many valuable course bonuses! Any changes in your nutrition and health program must be reviewed by your health care provider or personal physician. All information within this page and programs is for information purposes only. Results will vary. See you on the inside, Elaina Love


About BodyMind


  • Our Mission Is To Connect You With Holistic Personal Development & Career Growth!

  • Our Intention Is That You’ll Try Out Our Video E-Courses & Truly Enjoy Your Experience!

  • Our Faculty Members Are Bright & Intriguing!

  • Our Video Lessons Catalog Is Creative & Growing!

  • Our Institute Helps You Learn More, More Quickly Than Before!

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