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Sasquatch Pine Pollen & Tongkat Ali Tincture (50mL)

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Directions: Place 1-3 dropperfuls under your tongue daily or as directed by a medical professional.

Sasquatch Pine Pollen & Tongkat Ali is a male enhancement formula designed to get you going and keep you going.

Warning: This will not taste good. Tonkat Ali is one of the more bitter roots you will ever consume. It does not taste good and there is no getting around that. But we still think adding it as an additional ingredient is a great idea.

For our Pine Pollen tincture we add spring water to dilute the strong organic grape alcohol. With this tincture, we boil spring water with the Tongkat Ali root and add that to the pine pollen alcohol extract, thus the dilution because an added element of hormonal fun. While it tastes bad it uniquely provides two solutions to address hormone issues. Simply put, Pine Pollen and Tongkat Ali are both great methods for many looking for a natural testosterone boost. 

Around the world, testosterone levels are at an all-time low. Men today are simply not the men their fathers and grandfathers were.

This poses major concerns for not only fertility but mental health as well, as low testosterone levels can leave men feeling inadequate and frustrated both in their intimate lives and in the workplace.

This isn't just an old man's problem, either; men of all ages currently suffer from low testosterone issues – and it's an issue that only seems to be getting worse.

What Makes Sasquatch So Special?

Sasquatch Pine Pollen & Tongkat Ali contains two powerful male enhancement ingredients, as evidenced in its name. 

The first of these is pine pollen – which biologists refer to as "tree testosterone." Many of the more than 200 nutrients in pine pollen are directly linked to testosterone production in men.

This includes DHEA, which is a precursor to testosterone. This means the body converts it into the male hormone. (1)

The human body can also convert DHEA into estrogen, the female sex hormone, as needed, which makes it a good potential female sex enhancement formula as well.

Another testosterone-enhancing component of pine pollen is androsterone. Your body can convert this to several hormones, including testosterone, as needed. (2)

While many pine pollen sellers simply make the compound available in powder form, we combine it with alcohol to ensure that your body receives as much of the benefit as possible.

Alcohol allows the pine pollen to pass through your digestive tract and into your bloodstream for maximum absorption.

Tongkat Ali

Sasquatch also contains tongkat ali, an adaptogenic herb that humans have been using for centuries to enhance sexual drive in men and women, along with sexual performance in men. (3)

Although tongkat ali may increase libido in women, much of the research surrounding its efficacy concerns men.

Those results are promising, suggesting that tongkat ali is both a feasible and useful tool for male enhancement.

Tongkat ali works primarily by balancing the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA). The everyday stresses of life can through the HPA out of balance, resulting in low energy, further stress intolerance and decreased sexual performance.

Is Sasquatch Right For You?

Please be sure to consult with a medical professional before taking Sasquatch: Pine Pollen & Tongkat Ali.

This is especially true if you take any medications as Sasquatch may interact with some medications and medical conditions.

You should not take Sasquatch if you are pregnant or expecting to become pregnant. 

Aside from those precautions, Sasquatch is well-suited for men experiencing sexual performance issues. Its regular use can help alleviate these issues.





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