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Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture (50mL) – Male Enhancement

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Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture
Male Enhancement Formula
by David Wolfe

Rise & Shine Pine Pollen is a powerful, proven and natural formula designed with peak male hormone efficiency in mind to help you get back in the game.

Testosterone levels are at an all time low. Men today are a fraction of what their fathers and grandfathers were.

This isn't just an old man's problem, either; scientists are observing low testosterone in an increasingly younger demographic.

That's where Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture comes in. It's a tincture made with natural ingredients that are proven to help the modern man reclaim his role as conquerer once and for all.

Why Take Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture?

Of course, pine pollen is readily available in powder or raw form in just about any health food store you can think of.

But while pine pollen in powder or raw form does contain many of the same nutrients as Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture, many of the testosterone-boosting components never break the blood barrier.

That means you don't reap the full benefit – and the benefits you do reap don't come as quickly as they might if you took pine pollen via tincture instead.

Alcohol-based tinctures, of which Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture is one, pass through your digestive tract quickly, entering your bloodstream and allowing for maximum absorption.

Of course, there are downsides to taking pine pollen in tincture form as well; the alcohol does destroy some of the anti-aging minerals and vitamins it contains.

We've done our best, however, to create a mixture that finely balances the positives and negatives to give you a tincture that works.

Watch: David Wolfe Harvests Pine Pollen

How Pine Pollen Works To Boost Your Testosterone

One interesting thing to note about pine pollen is that it is essentially tree "testosterone" that originates from the male flowers of the pine tree.

Pine pollen contains more than 200 nutrients, many of which are directly linked to testosterone enhancement in men. 

These nutrients include the phyto-androgens DHEA, testosterone, androstenedione, and androsterone.

According to research, DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, meaning the body converts it into the male hormone. (1)

Interestingly enough, the body will also convert DHEA into the female sex hormone, estrogen, making pine pollen a potential female sex enhancement as well.

Androstenedione, meanwhile, is a natural steroid that has slight androgenic actions on the body. Its main function, however, is to promote testosterone production within the body.

Specifically, your body converts androstenedione into a number of hormones, including testosterone, as needed. (2)

Lastly, androsterone has masculinizing effects, albeit slightly less so than testosterone itself.

Part 2: David Wolfe Harvests Pine Pollen

When combined, these nutrients – along with the others in pine pollen – have the following effects:

  • The return of morning wood
  • Increased energy and feelings of manliness
  • Powerful erections akin to those of your youth

 The Natural Plan Steroids In Pine Pollen


Brassinosteroids are a collection of more than 40 plant steroids.

Of the plant steroids found in pine pollen, brassinosteroids are the most potent by far, with effectiveness observed in very low concentrations. (3)

Brassinosteroids remove the testosterone-killing xenoestrogens that are found in many common contaminants (including plastic) from the human body.


Pine pollen also contains gibberellins. In plants, gibberellins behaves a lot like testosterone does in humans, stimulating the growth of male organs and increasing fertility. (4)

In humans, gibberellins interact with androgen receptors and regulate the prostate.

Because Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture is delivered with alcohol, these nutrients easily cross the blood barrier, allowing them to have potent effects instead of being absorbed by the stomach and excreted as waste.

Dosage Instructions

The recommended dose for Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture is one dropperful daily. We recommend taking it at this dose for five days straight, then taking two days off and repeating that cycle.

Put the dropperful under your tongue and hold there for 30 seconds before you swallow.

The reason to put the tincture under your tongue, as opposed to swallowing it, is that it directs the blend directly into your bloodstream.

If, after your first dose of Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture, you feel the alcohol's burning sensation is too strong, feel free to dilute your next dose slightly with water.

Precautions: Please consult a physician before taking Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture, as you should with all tinctures. This is especially true if you take any medications.

Further, if you are a pregnant woman or a woman expecting to become pregnant, do not take Rise & Shine Pine Pollen Tincture.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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