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High Vibe Mushrooms

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It's time to HIGHVIBE your LIFE!

HIGHVIBE Mushrooms is a proprietary blend of 10 super strain species of medicinal mushrooms that boosts your immune system, improves focus & mental clarity & aids in detoxification.

How to Use:
Activate your brain and body and break through limitations with this tonic, organic complex array of mushrooms delivers a long-lasting boost of energy & focus without jittery side effects & can be added to your smoothie, coffee, tea, cacao/chocolate drink or simply mixed with water or coconut water for ultimate cognitive clarity, energy & focus. Great for All Ages! Children love it! Tastes great!

LIMITLESS is a superblend of 10 medicinal mushrooms including:



Red Reishi

Lions mane

King Trumpet

Turkey Tail


Antrodia (another type of Cordyceps)



HIGHVIBE Mushrooms are grown in an environmentally controlled, cGMP certified facility in California. We are Non-GMO verified, USDA Certified Organic, Gluten-free, Vegan, Keto, Sugar-free, Kosher & Paleo-friendly.


For Today’s Fast-Paced Life



    • REISHI




    • CHAGA



    • REISHI

    • LION’S MANE 

  • MEDICINAL MUSHROOM MYCELIUM (this product is mycelium)


    Mushroom Fruiting Bodies


    Mycelium: Properties and Activities

    1. Asexual, enduring stage of the mushroom life cycle must survive in highly competitive environments, protect itself against pathogens and competitors, and produce enzymes to digest organic substrates to assimilate sufficient nutrient and energy reserves to produce fruit body stage when environmental conditions are right.

    2. In Solid State Fermentation systems, mycelium can be grown on organic substrates with a high degree of control and hygiene to produce very consistent batches of product. Environmental toxins and insect activity are more easily excluded/filtered.

    3. Mycelial biomass grown in bioreactor units with air exchange filters in indoor, controlled and filtered indoor farms can be produced with very low levels of microbial contamination and do not require very high temperature microbial reduction processing steps.

    4. The cell walls of the mycella do not have to be thick and strong to support the above ground weight of the mushroom stem and cap. Mycelial cell walls must be porous to allow flow of enzymes and protective metabolites into the environment and the flow of enzymatically-digested nutrients into the mycelial cells. Thus, mycelial tissue is easier to digest and assimilate than fruit body tissue.

    5. Mycelium of some species control some compounds not contained in the fruit body. Example: nootropic erinacine compounds produced only in mycellia of Lion’s Mane mushroom.

    6. Mycelial biomass products produced by Solid State Fermentation processes contain extra-cellular compounds including enzymes, polysaccharides, and protective secondary metabolites that provide therapeutic benefits when consumed.

    Fruiting Bodies: Properties and Activities

    1. Sexual, reproduction function only—must produce and disseminate spores to ensure survival of the species. Lacks much in the way of enzymatic or immune systems—generally survives only a few days after spore release.

    2. Fruiting bodies can vary significantly in quality and consistency as per many variables including season, environmental conditions, harvest “flush” maturity and also post-harvest handling, storage and transport. Often exposed to environmental toxins and insect activity.

    3. The moist and exposed surfaces of the mushroom fruit bodies harbor high levels of microbial contamination that require high temperature microbial kill steps and/or extraction process to reduce contamination levels to specifications suitable for nutraceutical applications.

    4. The cell walls of fruit body tissue must be thick and strong to support the above-ground weight of the mushroom stem and cap. Fruit body tissue is thus harder to digest and assimilate than mycelial tissue.

    5. Fruit bodies contain higher levels of some active ingredients as compared to mycellia. Example: the fruit bodies of Reishi contain higher levels of triterpene compounds than the mycelia.

    6. Fruit body products do not contain the powerful extra-cellular compounds produced by mycelium.


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High Vibe Mushrooms

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