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Digestive Enzymes & Parasite Cleanse Combo

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The Best-Ever Ultimate Gut Health Formula Is Here!

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This package contains our Remove Unwanted Guests (RUG) Parasite Cleanse and our Longevity Enzymes blends. Taken in tandem, these are the ultimate gut health protocol!

Longevity Enzymes comes in a 120-capsule bottle while RUG comes in a 150-capsule bottle.

For optimal results, we recommend getting the six-bottle package (which contains three of each) and using it over a three-month period.

About RUG

Suggested Use: Intended for use over a three-month period. Take one capsule on the first day, three on the second, and six on the third day. From the fourth day onward, take ten capsules. Take five capsules in the morning, and five in the evening.

You may think parasites are a third-world problem – but that's far from the truth!

In reality, parasites run rampant in developed nations, with more than 60 million Americans expected to have toxoplasmosis – just one type of parasitic infection! (1)

Rug contains the following active ingredients that give it its parasite-abolishing effects.

  • Cloves, one of the only natural oils that can completely destroy parasitic eggs (2)
  • Wormwood, which is highly effective against pinworms and roundworms (3)
  • Chanca piedra extract, which has liver-strengthening capabilities (4)
  • Black walnut, which is excellent at fighting tapeworms (5)
  • Amylases, a digestive enzyme that helps you properly digest food (6)

About Longevity Enzymes

Suggested Use: Take one capsule of Longevity Enzymes with meals or in-between meals daily.

Longevity Enzymes are a Best-Ever-Quality digestive supplement.

It is essential for:

  • Maintaining a healthy digestive system
  • Properly absorbing nutrients
  • Creating a healthy gut microbiome

The digestive enzymes in this blend include:

  • Proteases, which help your body produce amino acids for energy (7)
  • Amylases, which help your intestines process start and glycogen (8)
  • Cellulase, which digests plant fiber (9)
  • Lactase, which helps your body break down lactose in dairy products (10)
  • Lipases, which break down triglycerides (fats) into compounds that your body can use for energy (11)
  • Alpha-galactosidases, which reduce symptoms of bloating (12)
  • Pectinase, which keeps your triglyceride levels in check (13)


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Digestive Enzymes & Parasite Cleanse Combo

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