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ReVein - ReBrain Peptides

ReVein - ReBrain Peptide

90 Potent Capsules

Product Focus and Goal: Improve Vein, Artery, Capillary, Circulatory and overall Brain Health. 

Dosage: Take 2-3 capsules daily preferably on an empty stomach (before food) five times a week. 

Pepts ReVein - ReBrain is a patented, highly effective nootropic made with IPH short-chain peptide to support cardiovascular and nervous system health. Our formulation activates the ACE, AGT, AGTR2, NOS3, and MTHFR genes — responsible for the health of the vascular and nervous systems. 

ReVein - ReBrain is a powerful angioprotector and a nootropic. It supports
blood vessel tone, maintains healthy smooth muscle of the arterial wall, supports healthy blood vessel elasticity, and healthy blood clotting. Regular use of ReVein - ReBrain optimizes healthy vascular function and supports hemodynamics.

ReVein - ReBrain is specially formulated to promote the normal functioning of the circulatory system. IPH AVN short-chain peptide offers angioprotective and vasoprotective benefits to arteries, veins and capillaries. 

ReVein - ReBrain was found to improve VEGF protein by a factor of 4.5. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a signal protein produced by numerous cell types that stimulates the formation of blood vessels. 

Peptide technology uses peptides (short chain proteins) as epigenetic triggers to activate genetic responses that repair and restore tissue. This technology has been worked out with over 30 years of research in Russia, Japan and the United States. This strategy is beyond food and supplementation as it targets genes that upregulate healthy tissue. Our peptide product line represents the first orally-consumable wave of active peptide technology. All ingredients are 100% natural.


Amount per Serving:

L-Arginine 345 mg*
L-Glycine 300 mg*
GABA (Gamma - Aminobutyric acid) 255 mg*
L-Glutamine 210 mg*
L-Leucine 93 mg*
L-Lysine 90 mg*
L-Asparagine 75 mg*
Beta-Alanine 75 mg*
AVN Peptide (60% proteins, 1% H-ASP-LYS-GLU-OH, 39% free amino acids) 57 mg*

*Daily Value not Established

ReVein - ReBrain’s other benefits include healthy hemodynamics through proper blood vessel health, artery quality, and elasticity.

  • Contains Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine
  • Targeted, natural short-chain peptides
  • Each bottle contains 90 capsules (2 capsule servings)
  • Audited VeriGMP verified
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Soy Free
  • Lactose-Free

Related Scientific Material on Peptide IPH AVN: 



Ivko X. 

Research scientist, Open Institute of Human and Nature, Lithuania, Vilnius 

Olenskaya T. 

Research scientist, Vitebsk State Medical University 

Bocharova K. 

Research scientist, Belgorod National Research University 

Satardinova E. 

Research scientist, Irkutsk State Medical Academy of postgraduate education 

Abstract (edited into English with some alterations)

This article describes the result of biological and clinical protective effects of the peptide IPH AVN. The application of the peptide IPH AVN significantly increases in human cell culture a "cascade" of signal molecules, which is necessary for: the activation, proliferation and differentiation of stem cells in the cells of the vascular system; the formation of vascular system, regulation of metabolism in epithelial cells; the regulation of blood vessel tone; the smooth muscle development of the vascular wall and the prevention of thrombosis. The application of the peptide IPH AVN has a pronounced angioprotective nature in cell culture. The application of the peptide IPH AVN promotes the reparation of the arterial system after damage and may reduce clot formation based on experimental models. The application of the peptide IPH AVN leads to the optimization of vascular function and improvement of peripheral hemodynamics. The application of the peptide IPH AVN may improve the elasticity of the vascular wall, leading to the optimization of the functional activity of the peripheral blood circulation system according to clinical research. 

Environmentally-Friendly Sourcing: This and other Pepts Peptide products are not entirely Vegan. Only vegan (non-animal) ingredients are used whenever possible. After years of research, we were unable to produce a natural vegan delivery system for the peptides. Instead, we have selected cold-ocean fish protein matrix delivery systems for these Peptide products. These fish protein materials are retrieved from the skins of fish before they are thrown away by the fishing industry as waste. This product has no fish smell.

Dosage: Take 2-3 capsules daily preferably on an empty stomach (before food) five times a week. 

Our peptide products all contain short-chain, natural peptides and do not contain hormones or anabolic steroids.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Raymond Chobanian

I took this product for 1 month exactly as directed by the instructions. I took 3 caps a day. I can't say I noticed anything but I have started a second bottle so perhaps I need longer or it's effects are simply prevalent enough for me to notice anything. I'm already pretty healthy, late 30's male. Hope this helps someone because there's zero reviews I've found out there yet on this product. Healthy blessings!