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David Wolfe's Plant Based Group Detox - Summer 2024

Detoxing Alone Is Tough... That's Why We've Created This LIVE Two Week Group Detox! It's Way More Fun!


Change your life in 2 weeks!

Time for a radical reset!

As you dive into David Wolfe’s Exclusive Plant-Based Group Detox Program, you are learning with David and an intimate circle of like-minded souls.  You will enjoy unlocking elevated states of well-being across all dimensions—physical, mental, and emotional.  These sessions are your golden opportunity to get all your detox questions resolved and gain insights tailored specifically for your journey.


Live Call Dates:
May 30, June 6 and 13th

Live Call Times: 1pm-3pm EST

This Live Detox Runs From May 30th-June 13th, 2024 via live video calls with David Wolfe (replays available after each call), plus a daily group chat with direct access to David to fully support your detox experience to answer your questions & inspire you all the way!

Can’t lose those extra pounds? Feeling tired, fatigued, can’t sleep, low libido, lack of motivation, stressed, poor bowel health, stressed in relationships? Over 100 symptoms are linked to the physical and emotional stress caused by toxins.

Direct Access to David Wolfe Throughout Your Detox!

Attn: Innovative Health Professionals, Yogis, Yoga Teachers, Nurses, Wholistic Health Practitioners & Nutritionists, Health Lovers, Personal Development Enthusiasts, Longevity Researchers, Life Adventurers & Fringe Information Lovers! You will discover detox information to nourish and elevate every aspect of your life... and have a lot of fun in our online community.

>> Get the hidden and censored information on critical health conditions that you can't find answers to on the internet and can't afford to waste time figuring out yourself!

>> Get your health, life and personal personal questions answered directly from David and our thriving community, so you don't have to go through the pain, suffering and expense of trial and error!

>> Connect with like-minded/heart-centered members (often considered "weird" by friends and family) to explore and share your experiences in your health, consciousness and life path!

    What You Receive in this Detox:

    1. 3 Live Zoom Calls with David Wolfe (and Special Guests) for step-by-step guidance, live Q&A's, and community support.
    2. Live Chat Group for daily support and inspiration, with direct access to David Wolfe.
    3. Your ultimate companion: “The Plant-Based Detox PDF Guide.”
    4. Explore: 60+ Detox FAQ Videos, with insights only David Avocado Wolfe can provide.
    5. Valuable Detox Resource Links curated just for you.
    6. $99 BONUS: "Detoxing Your Environment"
    7. $99 BONUS: “Detoxing Your Whole Being"
    8. $99 BONUS Replay: “Removing Parasites"
    9. $99 BONUS MasterClass: Join Dr. Edward Group & David Avocado Wolfe as they unveil the secrets of Iodine, Oxy Powder, and the transformative power of fasting.

    Here's How It Works...

    As soon as you register, you will automatically receive a login email from (please check your spam/junk folder just in case this email ends up being filtered by your email provider). Once you login and click on your detox course, you will see your welcome video, live call information, and Telegram group chat link in the first lesson. You will also receive a confirmation email to verify your email, followed by an email with your PDF guide and live call dates in an email.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I watch the replays?
    Yes! The replays for all the live calls will be available for viewing inside your membership area here in the Frequency Lifestyle platform along with your $399+ in Bonus Inner Circle Replays and other detox lessons.

    Do I have detox support?
    Yes absolutely! Immediately upon registering you will be provided with a link to our private chat community where you can connect directly with David Wolfe and our detox community to share in your experiences, questions and personal growth discoveries.

    Do I need detox supplements?
    No! This detox is designed as a stand alone detox system that you can do anywhere and at any time without supplements. The detox products David provides through his shop and others he teaches about, are options to deepen and support your detox, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience.

    How often should I detox?
    Detoxing is a lifelong path of shedding the toxins we gather from our environment, stress, food, medications and life's many toxins we encounter. This detox is designed for beginner to advanced detox experts. In fact, you will be supported by others who have been through our two week detoxes with David over the years.

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