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C60 Olive Oil For Humans & Dogs (50ml)

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Recommended Usage: Take two dropperfuls daily. 

C60 Charcoal

Scientifically proven to reduce the effects of oxidation and aging, resulting in a longer lifespan for mammals.

Clinical Research

In 2011, Fathi Moussa, a French scientist, led a team of researchers in a toxicity study on C60.

Scientists ascribed the remarkable results of this study to the phenomenal antioxidant properties of C60 and its bio-distribution in living tissues. C60 can cross the cell membrane. 

How C60 Revitalizes You

1. C60 Improves Longevity

C60 has the ability to increase longevity. This powerful molecule prevents nerve cells from dying, and has allowed rats to live almost double their natural lifespan.

Other studies used mice instead of rats. Researchers in one study found that the mice lived 8 days longer in a 120-day lifetime. In another study, they found that the lifespan of mice can increase 5 to 14 percent, even when starting doses halfway through the lives of the mice. (12)

2. C60 Protects Against Free Radicals

Free radicals can react with almost any molecule. This leads to signs of aging as well as the development of diseases. These reactive oxygen species even develop out of the food we eat, such as fried or processed foods.

The good news, however, is that C60 has the ability to completely demolish these free radicals. (3)

3. C60 Fights Inflammation

Another noteworthy ability of C60 is the prevention of inflammation. This could potentially be great news for those who suffer from arthritis and joint-related pain.

In one study, for example, scientists found that C60 indeed can prevent inflammation in arthritic rats. (4)

4. C60 Kills Viruses

Also on the list of C60 benefits is the ability to deactivate iridoviruses, certain viruses carried by insects. One study found that even in low concentrations C60 was able to eradicate the mosquito iridescent virus (MIV). (5)

5. C60 Protects Nerves

C60 benefits include protecting your nerves, as well. During the neural system development, death of nerves is completely normal. However, sometimes nerves die due to other reasons, such as injury.

Due to its antioxidant characteristics, the C60 compound can actually protect your nerves from dying due to being worked too hard. (6)

6. C60 May Prevent Osteoarthritis

C60 may be able to prevent stress-induced damage and the breakdown of cartilage. Furthermore, it can prevent loss of bone-building cells and prevent bone inflammation, as seen in studies involving rabbits. (7)

7. C60 Fights Obesity And Metabolic Syndrome

C60 may benefit the body and help protect it against the dangerous symptoms of metabolic disease like heart attacks and strokes. It can prevent fat cells from growing in size. Furthermore, it can prevent cells from increasing in number. (8)

8. C60 Destroys Bacteria

While C60 can kill off mosquito-related viruses, it may also assist white blood cells in effectively destroying streptococcus bacteria. These bacteria cause such illnesses as strep throat, skin infections, and toxic shock syndrome.

The American Society for Microbiology published a study involving mice. Researchers conducting the study, using C60, were able to protect 33% of mice infected with streptococcus from death. They concluded that the data suggest C60 can be considered an antimicrobial agent for group A streptococcus infection. (9) Preliminary research indicates that C60 in combination with activated charcoal results in stronger antimicrobial properties. (10)

9. C60 Prevents UV Damage

C60 blends well with skin lotions, making it fantastic for prevention of UV damage. Indeed, on the list of C60 benefits is the ability to stop sunburn in models of human skin. It’s anti-oxidative components will permeate into the skin and effectively protect it from UV damage. (11)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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