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There is a Rare Solstice Full Moon Tonight. This is What It Means for YOU!

Tonight is a special night. Not only do we have a full moon (an always enjoyable experience). It is also the Summer Solstice. This is not only a historical event. It also has some very specific meanings for your life. The full moon in June is called the "Strawberry" full moon, and it only lines up with the Summer Solstice once every 70 years. This is truly a once in a lifetime event and many people are excited for it’s arrival. The Summer Solstice Strawberry moon is extremely important for your life and can indicate what energies will be at play in your life. Native Americans named the full moon in June the Strawberry moon because it marks the beginning of the strawberry harvest season. The Strawberry moon is also viewed as being joyful and outgoing. It encourages us to meet new people and try new things — things that could happen in a wild strawberry field. Fresh strawberries are always an exciting experience! In the excitement, it is important to remember the the solstice marks a time of change for not only the seasons, but our lives as well. It is important to visualize and be one with that change. Be ready for new beginnings and a clearer understanding of your true destiny or fate!

To learn more about what the Solstice Full Moon means for you, check out the video below! Sources: Independent Gostica Awakening People