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Candida Cleanse Diet: The Beginner's Guide

By Team Support May 09, 2019

As you may know, your body naturally grows some types of fungus.

Most of the time, the fungus in your body is meant to be there and is completely harmless. The most common type of fungus found in our body is called candida. However, candida overgrowth can cause a lot of medical problems. The only cure might be a candida cleanse, a large part of which is a sugar detox.

Candida fungus can actually cause an infection if it is too overgrown. The infection can even turn deadly if you don't take care of it. Invasive candidiasis is actually the top cause of fungus-infection related death in the US. (1) If the species aren't invasive you can still get an infection. Chronic candidiasis syndrome is another situation we need to look out for.

There are over 150 types of Candida you can find in your body. Most of these types of Candida fungus are there to help you with things like digestion. (2) However, there are certain species of Candida you definitely don't want growing in your gut.

Candida albicans, a pathogenic yeast you can find in your gut, is the predominant cause of Invasive Candidiasis.

This strain of Candida accounts for over half of all cases of Invasive Candidaisis. The second most common strain that causes overgrowth is called Candida glabrata. Finally, studies show that even new and less common strains of Candida may be emerging. (1)

Even the 'good' Candida fungus can start to overgrow for various genetic and environmental reasons. Chronic candidiasis syndrome is nothing to play around with and the symptoms are terrible for your quality of life.

What are some of the symptoms of a Candida infection? Studies show that people with chronic candidiasis syndrome or those that have Invasive Candidaisis might experience: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (3), Urinary Tract Infections (4), gastrointestinal inflammation (5), and much more.

So, what can you do to protect yourself from Candida? You need to a candida cleanse, or a candida cleanse diet. This can differ from a parasite cleanse diet, but some of the same principles do apply.

Finding the best candida cleanse for you can be challenging. However, the symptoms of Invasive Candidaisis and chronic candidiasis syndrome are too awful for you not to change diet to a candida cleanse diet.

About The Candida Cleanse Diet

The Candida Cleanse Diet is considered a form of alternative or complementary medicine. Candida Albicans can cause you several issues in your gut like fatigue, headache, and memory issues. To combat what some call "yeast syndrome" some alternative medicine practitioners will recommend you begin a candida cleanse diet. (6)

A candida cleanse or candida cleanse diet is meant to remove the things in your intestines that allow candida fungus to grow – similar to a colon cleanse. To cure 'yeast syndrome' practitioners suggest you adopt a candida cleanse diet. This diet eliminates sugar, white flour, yeast, and cheese. (6)

The best candida cleanse involves eliminating a lot more than that though. You'll also want to look at removing: gluten, all dairy, foods with mold, foods with pesticides, and even food that contains preservatives. (2) This is all meant to reduce inflammation and eliminate foods that allow candida fungus to grow.

When your candida cleanse diet helps to flush out the harmful fungus you should continue to make these habits part of your lifestyle. This will go a long way towards preventing candida from building up again. Keeping candida from growing in us in the first place is a great first step to prevention.

The Best Candida Cleanse Diet Guide

Now that you know the basics of what a candida cleanse diet is we can start to discuss the details of the candida cleanse. A candida cleanse diet is something that should be short term. If you have a poor diet and don't want to jump right in to the candida cleanse that is okay.

Some suggest that you start out with another cleanse before you begin your candida cleanse. This is so that your system is ready for the candida cleanse, ensuring the candida cleanse is more effective than if you had just started it fresh. There are a number of different detoxes and cleanses available for you.

One recommended cleanse you could do would be a detox tea for weight loss protocol.

Think You're Immune From Parasites? Think Again

Once you are ready to begin your candida cleanse diet just keep in mind to start slow. The candida diet eliminates a lot of foods that we might consider staples of our diet. If you can't imagine eliminating all of the 'foods to avoid' then try getting rid of one at a time.

What to Eat & What Not to Eat During a Candida Cleanse

Foods to avoid on the candida diet are many. First things first, you want to eliminate high-sugar fruits from your diet. High sugar fruits include things like mangos, grapes, cherries, and pears. Next, you want to completely eliminate gluten. This includes things like wheat, rye, or barley. Eliminating processed deli meats and low-quality farm raised fish is also suggested. You shouldn't be eating any type of refined oils or fats. All condiments should be eliminated. Nuts should be eliminated because they can contain bits of mold. Finally, eliminate everything unnatural like caffeine, alcohol, and additives like nitrates and sulfates. (2)

Now, we move on to focus on the foods that you should eat while you're on your candida cleanse diet.

You can replace those high sugar fruits with low sugar ones like lemons, limes, and berries. Eating starch-free vegetables like cucumbers, kale, broccoli, and spinach are a great alternative to starchy veggies. Some grains like quinoa and millet don't have gluten and are okay to eat during a candida cleanse diet. Replace your deli meat and farm-raised fish with chicken, eggs, and wild-caught salmon. You can replace your refined oils with healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, or flax oil. Replacing things like sugar with Stevia or xylitol are another great recommendation. Finally, you can eat low-mold nuts and seeds like almonds or sunflower seeds. (2)

Doing all of these things can lead to a reduction in harmful strains of candida fungus. The best candida cleanse is within reach if you follow these directions. This doesn't have to be hard. The best candida cleanse tactics are the ones that make the candida cleanse diet easier for you to stick to. If you want to have the best candida cleanse for your body the secret is to stick with it throughout your cleanse.

Candida Cleanse - Prevention Is Best!

Some of you may be thinking, "This is awful, I sure am glad I don't have any symptoms of Candida overgrowth!" While this is a good thing, you may be wondering how to avoid candida overgrowth in the future. There are a number of causes for candida overgrowth and the steps to avoid this scenario are easy.

Step one is to avoid eating refined carbs and sugars. Refined carbs and sugars attract the candida fungus. Next, avoid high levels of alcohol consumption. You want to limit how much alcohol because it is a toxin and it is fermented which can introduce all sorts of bad things to our intestinal tract.

Some of the things that cause candida fungus overgrowth can seem a bit out of our control. For example, Elevated stress levels are also a factor in the growth of candida. Some suggest meditation or soft music to calm themselves. We suggest you talk to your doctor about stress management if it is impacting your life. Another sometimes unavoidable cause are antibiotics or birth control. Diabetes or a weakened immune system can also leave you vulnerable to candida overgrowth.

The diet excludes a lot of foods that we might consider to be our favorite. So, it makes sense for you to want to avoid having to do the diet cleanse at all. If you're not seeing any symptoms of candida overgrowth you may want to simply consider small diet changes to avoid the problem in the future. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Candida Cleanse Diet Observations

The best candida cleanse is the one that you can stick to. You need to get rid of the candida fungus in your body. You can find candida fungus in several different places throughout your body. While it is most commonly found in your stomach you can find it in your mouth, skin, toenails, and even your genitals. Committing to a cleanse or a change in your diet may be the simplest way to improve your quality of life.

Importantly, one thing for you to remember is that you don't have to do this cleanse long term. In fact, many people found their symptoms being alleviated in a week or less after they started the cleanse. The diet changes are really simple and can alleviate a number of terrible symptoms you might be facing. A simple diet change could be what you need to change your life.

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